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 The Whitetail Deer, Odocoileus virginianus, is the most revered and renowned wild animal in North America.  Millions of families depend on whitetail deer to nurture and enrich their lives each year, and a multi-billion dollar industry is dedicated to the conservation of the species.  Rather than only portraying big bucks, my aim is to highlight the species as a whole: The wisdom of a mature doe, the innocence of a newborn fawn, the curiosity of a young buck, and of course the strength, beauty, and majesty of a mature buck.  This collection is the result of thousands of hours in the field and only displays a fraction of available images*.  All subjects pictured are free-ranging wild deer and in no way represent fenced or farm-bred animals.  It is a privilege to be able to photograph this incredible species, and I hope through these images you can find even a fraction of the beauty I see every day in the whitetail deer.  Enjoy!  -Matt

More recent images are toward the top of the page. I have removed a lot of images to reduce clutter, but there are plenty of alternative images to a lot of the photos you see (different head angles, composition, etc.).  *You may contact me with a request to view more whitetail deer images.