Prints and Individual Usage:

As with any gallery, prints really come to life displayed with a dedicated light-source or well lit room; so keep this in mind during your decision making process.

Printing on Styrene board.

Your print is stamped onto this plastic board, eliminating the hassle of re-framing in the future due to natural warping and bending of paper prints. It’s durable and will continue to fit your desired matte and frame. Paper prints still required for oversize prints. 


Print Only:

8×12: $50

10×15: $100

12×18: $150

16×24: $250

Art Reference: I get a number of requests for art reference usage every week.  Going forward, if you need reference images for a school (high school or college) project, I am willing to send you mid-res. watermarked images free of charge. All other inquires, please include usage intentions in your email so I can calculate a price.  Reference usage will start at $100. 



Shown: 4-panel metal wall display.  Two 10×30 panels, two 15×30 panels. Overall dimensions: 53×36


 Wall Display 4-Panel


 Standard canvas and metal prints available as well!  Inquire for specifics.

Wall Display Owl